Pre Application Checklists

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Please note that you may be asked to supply some or all of the following items for this application! Incomplete applications will NOT be considered for TIF Incentives.

We recommend reviewing this list and assembling all necessary information BEFORE applying. 

General Project Information
 Summary Letter
 Copies for EDC
 Project Narrative
 Site Map(s)

Detailed Project Information
 List of PIN’s
 Affordable Housing
 Table of Residential Unit Mix
 Renderings of Project
 Project Timeline
 Public Benefits
 Residential Displacement
 Demonstration of Need
 Evidence of Site Control

Project Financial Information
 Sources and Uses of Funds
 Employer Personnel Needs
 Request for TIF Assistance
 Budget of TIF Eligible Expenses
 Pro Forma Income & Expense

 Analysis of Financial Need
 Financial Commitment
 Most Recent Property Tax Bills
 Appeal of Property Taxes
 Other

Professional Studies
 Market Studies
 Environment Studies & Reports
 Other Studies & Reports
 Appraisal

Developer Information
 Ownership Structure
 Financial Statement
 Resumes & Experience of Principals
 Economic Disclosure Statement
 Principal Profile Information
 Developer License Number

Compliance Information
 Use of Minority and Women Business
Enterprises (MBE & WBE)
 Prevailing Wage Requirements
 Development Budget
 Affidavit & Escrow Agreement

  • Affidavit/Escrow agreement filled
    out in its entirety
    (Affidavit must be signed and notarized
    by both buyer & seller)
  • Copy of most recent Violation
  • Itemized contractor’s proposal from
    licensed contractor
  • Proof of contractor’s licensing

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